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Hair Scalp Tonic - Stimulates hair growth and nourishes

Stimulate hair growth while providing advanced nutrition and strength. Leave on hair scalp tonic improves styling while promoting growth for thinning hair!

PHYTOSTORY PREMIUM Hair Scalp Tonic intensely nourishes and promotes the regeneration of thinning hair, resulting in a thicker and healthier looking head of hair.

PHYTOSTORY PREMIUM Hair Scalp Tonic encourages the stimulation process for new hair growth. A concentrated tonic developed to encourage and provide optimal leave-on nutrients to help purify, strengthen and cleanse thinning hair, while providing topical moisturization and antioxidant protection.

Hair Scalp Tonic is fortified with natural ingredients that can effectively help treat receding hair line, hair thinning (hair loss), and baldness in men and women. This Hair Scalp Tonic may also be used for treating scalp diseases due to psoriasis, itching, flaking, powdery, silvery scales, dandruff and allergic reactions due to food, soap, and hair products.

Hair Scalp Tonic

Hair Scalp Tonic

Hair Scalp Tonic

Oily Hair Scalp Tonic
Control the scalp itchness and sebum. It controls the scalp itchness and makes the scalp clean by Ledum palustre extracts and aroma oil.

Hair Scalp Tonic

Combination Hair Scalp Tonic
Healthy hair by providing the nutrition. It is the combination hair scalp tonic which providing the nutrition and moisturizing ingredient.

Hair Scalp Tonic

Dry Hair Scalp Tonic
Healthy scalp by strengthened moisturizing ingredient. It prevents the scalp itchness by strengthened moisturizing ingredient. The willow extract and aroma oil care of the scalp.


hair scalp tonic

PHYTOSTORY PREMIUM will specially take care of your scalp and hair by high quality natural ingredient. A wise choice for the pure health, PHYTOSTORY PREMIUM Scalp & Hair Aroma system will keep the healthy balance in environment and sensitive weather.
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