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Phytostory hair care Moisturizing Shampoo

PHYTOSTORY Hair Care Moisturizing Shampoo proposes the most comfortable hair restoration with one stop well-being concept.

1. Hair Care System Operation Shampoo(850ml)
- Intensive recovering shampoo for dry & fragile hair.
This is a natural moisturizing shampoo to cleanse hair thoroughly with rich lather of amino acid surfactant that is similar to the hair element.
Massage after lathering up the moisturizing shampoo in the palm of hands and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do the same procedure one more time, and rinse with warm ionized water after leaving in hair for 1-2 minutes.

Moisturizing shampoo

Moisturizing shampoo

2. Provita Ampoule(10ml)
- Soothing hair through infiltration of vitamin to natural moisture of hair.
This vitamin Ampoule is used as a pretreatment procedure for efficient working of the Hair care system by deep penetration of large amount of vitamin into inside of the hair. Spread it on towel-dried hair and do gentle handling with the whole palm to be permeated.

3. Hair Care System HIGH PPT(850ml)

This is a pretreatment solution repairing inside/outside of the hair densely with the macromolecule keratin protein of average molecular weight of 30000. Spray moderate amount of Provita Ampoule thoroughly onto hair after applying Provita Ampoule and blow dry.

Moisturizing shampoo

4. Hair Care system T1(500ml)
- Deep penetration of nutrition into porous hair.
This is the triple hair care system in the first step to form the first protein barrier through reconstructing nutrition and moisture to the damaged hair cortex. Spray PPT, spread right amount of the liquid and then have a handling massage. Wipe it out with warm water after hot treatment for 5~10minutes depending on the hair status.

5. Hair Care system T2(500ml)

- Formulating hair-friendly moisture barrier wrapped the filled nutrition
This is the triple hair care system in the second step to help restrengthen elasticity, while retaining hair restoring elements filled through T1 procedure and restoring damaged outer hair cuticle in combination with T1. Massage, spread moderate amount of solution and then shampoo gently with operation moisturizing shampoo after leaving in hair for 10 minutes of hot treatment.

6. Shampoo S(850ml)

Due to it is active components that is permeated in step into damaged hair, and stabilized perfect hair condition. Massage after lathering up the moisturizing shampoo in the palm of hands and rinse out thoroughly with warm water.

7. Hair Care system T3(850ml)
- Providing vitality to hair with grease-free fresh hair volume.
This is the last step of hair restoration that processes triple hair care system of the 3rd step to reconstruct dried external coating layer to last the dual installed system. Spread the moderate amount on the hair as if massaging, and then rinse with warm water.

8. Hair Care System Vita Oil(50EA)
Prevention from hair tangling with weightless smoothness. This is vitamin oil that magnifies shine and volume by the action of 6 vegetable oils, acetic acid and tocopherol, further making bright and good looking hair by the fresh scent without sticky feeling. Spread it thoroughly on the damaged hair shaft and finish with blow dry.

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