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Phytostory Scalp Care Shampoo-Sensitive Line

Phytostory is the best scalp care system that improve phase for professional hairdressing shop for scalp and Head SPA mechanis

Sensitive Line

Neroli product line and Neroli oil of Phytostory is for the sensitive scalp. Effective aroma ingredients to prevent hair loss of the sensitive scalp.

Orign of Neroli
Its also called an orange flower oil or Neroli oil. In 1670s, a countess from the Royal family of Neroli named it first.

It has the excellent effects to relieve stress and regenerate the cells. It is also very effective for the aged, chapped and sensitive skin. It prevents or removes scars or chapped skin by pregnancy.

Causes and symptoms of the sensitive scalp
The sensitive scalp is, as very personal reaction, caused by various reasons. They are largely divided into two: the internal factors and the external factor. The external factors are as follows; the sterilizing action of the sebum membrane of the skin gets weak to cause inflammation, or the naturally moisturizing factors in the skin can have problems, which cause the horny substance on the skin or itching due to extremely dry scalp.

Phytostory Scalp Care

Phytostory Scalp Care

Air pollution, climate change, repeated perms and dyeing and the heat of a hair dryer can make the scalp sensitive. The internal factors include stress, overwork, lack of sleep, which can cause fever or pain. The symptoms by the internal factors are the reddish scalp, extension of capillary vessels, the bad blood circulation, uneven color of the scalp and partial inflammation.

Phytostory scalp care
Neroli Sensitive Scalp Line

1. Neroli Cline –Weekly pack for the sensitive scalp.
It’s an antifungal moisturizing scalp pack to prevent itching and to relieve the sensitive scalp. (20ml)

2. Neroli Shampoo – Shampoo for the sensitive scalp
It bathes the scalp with plant extracts contained in the product and strengthens the hair root to control the sensitive scalp. (300ml, 850ml)

3. Neroli Pack –Sensitive Scalp Pack
It controls the dandruff germs, provides nutrients to the scalp and is very effective to relieve itching on the scalp. (250ml)
4. Roots Moist Tonic – Sensitive Scalp Strengthening Tonic
It’s a tonic for the sensitive scalp, and aroma, natural extracts, hair-strengthening ingredients contained in the product reduce stimuli and relieve the hair root. (5ml, 80ml)  

How to use
1) Spreading Phytostory Neroli Cline in scalp, intenerate scalp massage after cover vinyl cap after rubbing lightly and do Misteamer or heat treatment about 10 minutes. (Scaling phase, divided scalp by pivot point)

2) Wash clearly after spread Phytostory scalp care 'Neroli shampoo' in scalp after that wash-out by number of tepidity and take enough bubble.
3) Do towel-dry and spread Phytostory scalp care Neroli Pack in scalp.

4) Tranquilize scalp that becomes sensitive by Phytostory Head SPA technique, and is supplemented. Avoid excitative and excessive scalp massage in susceptibility scalp. (scalp protection and genuineness stage)

5) After rinsing, dry scalp and Phytostory scalp care Neroli safety tonic in scalp and massage finish and do style ring. (root of hair strengthening step)

* For every steps when you mixing with Neroli Aroma oil then you can get better results. Sensitive Lines : special extracts

** Cheom Cha
Susceptibility line special quality natural raw extracts and checking Melanin composition, is stable without change of clause allergy vitality at high temperature or wide pH extent and anti-odious smell effect.

** Natural max

** Nature material of 5 kinds with refreshing effect for their skin that is damaged at the same time Natural max genuineness effect is matched.
- 5 kinds natural raw extracts : Maengjukyeop of 5 kinds : Clause aversion, skin sincerity, preservation from decay function Rooibos : Fixed property anger, skin genuineness Danggwi : Clause inflammation, clause stimulation, skin genuineness Cheom Cha : Fixed property anger, clause allergy, clause inflammation Mistletoe : Clause aversion, anti-bacterium, skin sincerity

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