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Phytostory Scalp Care Shampoo - Dandruff Line

Phytostory is the best scalp care shampoo that improve phase for professional hairdressing shop for scalp and Head SPA mechanis.

Dandruff Line

Juniper product line and Geranium oil of dandruff scalp of Phytostory do together. Effectiveness quantity by dandruff scalp depilation prevention

Orign of Juniper
Juniper does "Juniper tree" or "Du Song Tree" and was arisen in "Young berries" that it means small fruit in old Latin.

Do action that virus at the same time that conquer anti-bacterium, pains and bacterium or mold for light tree perfume that refresh sentiment sterilizes. Discharging interior of the body toxic by these harm function, is used in dermatitis, corpulence healing effect, horn character exclusion.

Scalp Care Shampoo

Scalp Care Shampoo

Because dandruff drops spontaneously in scalp, because aging horn character that turn sheds, by local or dust sticks, it is kind of time that cause, it is called, and dry usually Dandruff Symptoms that there are been many this and more show dandruff, is stick and there is weight persimmon and poor-quality made of mulberry bark secretion classifies from much scalp problem to dandruff that horn character does many oily dandruff.

A factor causing dandruff

Condition made of mulberry bark that is secreted in sebaceous glands creates unsaturated fatty acid being disintegrated by microorganism, and create peroxide quality of paper tissue being oxidized by oxygen between ultraviolet rays or air. Because this outgrowth stimulates skin and promote polarization of outer skin cell, because peeling becomes many, it causing dandruff.

Various microorganism propagations and inappropriate combing in scalp, Perming, hair coloring, scalp that is dirty chemical stimulation and medical stimulation by optic enemy stimulation of ultraviolet rays and so on, dermatitis for contact and etc.. caused dandruff.

There is effect of hormone beside him, nutrition and dialogue's imbalance, and stress etc.

Scalp Care Shampoo

Juniper Dandruff Scalp Line

1. Junifer Cline – Dandruff scalp weekly pack –

Scalp pack that horn character exclusion ingredient removes dandruff, and prevent Itchiness, and solidify plow and being clear and cool stuff (20ml)

2. Junifer Shampoo – Dandruff scalp shampoo –
Scalp care shampoo that synergy effect of anti-bacterium controls dandruff continuously and plant extract keeps scalp cleanly (300ml, 850ml)

3. Junifer Pack - Dandruff scalp Pack –
Effective scalp pack that itchness control creation of dandruff fungus and supply esteemed in scalp (250ml)

How to use
1) Apply Juniper Cline onto scalp. After rubbing lightly, fit a vinyl cap on hair and do mist or heat treatments for around 10 minutes. Massage the scalp (the stage of scaling, apply the product on the scalp after sectioning it by pivot points.)

2) After rinsing with tepid water, apply juniper scalp care shampoo on scalp and wash hair cleanly with enough foam and shampoo techniques.

3) Towel dry the hair. Mix juniper pack and one pump of aroma oil and apply it onto the scalp. (but, mix the juniper with Ylang Ylang aroma oil in case of oily dandruff, mix with geranium oil in case of dry dandruff)

4) Use it with Phytostory head spa techniques together, and its helpful for moisturizing and the blood circulation in the scalp.(the stage of inhibition of dandruff germs and restoration of the horny substance)

5) Wait for 5 minutes without any treatment and rinse the hair with tepid water.

Special materials for dandruff product line

** Selemax
Its concentrated mixture of natural selenium, and has an anti-dandruff effect (the effect to remove dandruff germs by selenium). It contains much antioxidant enzymes and ingredients, which revitalize the human immune system with their excellent self-defensive power.

** Mud
Soil (elvan, germanium, loess and etc.) and salts accumulated for a long time are dissolved by geological and chemical reactions and various microbes, and finally become mud. Mud contains lots of effective components and minerals

** Thujae Semen
There is effect state of society effect, fixed property Tuesday by side hundred belonging to white self-acknowledgement Thujae Semen tree and seed of thread. Used by net vegetable ability raw-material that regulate clause male hormone and achieve poor-quality made of adjustment and pore reduction function.

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